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    Company profile:

    Today's technology has remarkable progress and is surprised at innovation of an electronic technical field. Our company is a company which the people who used "Piezoelectric Ceramics" which those who still get to know had in 1975 as core products, and had a dream for the purpose of use exploitation of electric parts, and device, etc. gathered and founded.
    And in response to the latest customer needs which a time requires, its best has been done in improvement in technology for 30 years at the motto "Which contributes to society with technology." On the other hand, power was directed towards material development and the integrated production organization from a material to a product in order to pursue high quality.
    This period, many understanding users and a researcher, the employee that stepped up efforts were blessed with people, and was able to follow favorably till today. Growth is expected from now on and the field of electronics hides an infinite possibility.
    Catching customer needs promptly, it strives for improvement in technology further, and our company follows the dream of the evolving "Piezoelectric Ceramics" also from this.
    Please give me the support continued to related you in appreciation of 30 years of patronage since foundation.

    Head office
    and main factory
    Togami Plant
    (for applications)
    Kitayama Plant
    (for piezo ceramics)
    R & D Bildg. Shiraito Plant
    (for piezo ceramics)
    Subcontract factory
    Daiichi Ceram Co., Ltd.